Aircraft Nuclear & Utility Approvals

National Fire Protection Association NFPA 417
i. Standard on Construction & Protection of Aircraft Loading Walkways
Fire Endurance Testing – Fire Barrier Systems for Conduit and Cable Trays according to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
A. Versa Wrap tests (#TR-229)
i. One and three hour Versa Wrap on different beams
ii. Three Hour Darmatt Installation on different beams
iii. Single layer TCO-703 Foil, TCO-702 blanket, TCO-704 cloth
iv. One hour Thermo Lag
v. 3M-CS195 CT Upgrade
vi. One and three hour Versa-Wrap experimental
vii. One hour Thermo Lag upgrade
ASTM E814-88 Standard Method For Fire Test Through-Penetration and Fire Stops
A. Fire Performance Evaluation of Multiple and Non-Symmetrical Through-Penetration (NoFire Formula A)
ANSI/IEEE Standard 383 Standard Test of Class 1E Electrical Cables for Nuclear Power Generation Stations (cable coatings)
A. Test Record
B. Sample
C. Outcome
FAR 25.855, Appendix F, Part III, Amendment 25-60 Flammability of Aircraft Cargo Liners
A. Sample- No Fire Hard Coat
B. Test Results
C. Certifications
Approval for Use of NoFire A-18 at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Station, Ukraine

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