United states patents

  • Intumescent Fire-Retardant Coating Material - Number 4,879,320
  • Intumescent Fire-Retardant and Electrically Conductive Coating Material - Number 4,965,296
  • Intumescent Fire-Retardant Composition for High Temperature and Long Duration Protection - Number 5,723,515
  • Fire, Heat and Backdraft Protection Shield for Firefighters - Number 6,048,805
  • Fire and Heat Protection Wrap for Conduits, Cable Trays, Other Electrical Transmission Lines and Gas and Oil Pipelines - Number 5,985,385
  • Fire and Heat Protection Wrap for Structural Steel Columns, Beams and Open Web Joists Marketed Under trade Name S-Barrier - Number 6,074,714
  • Insulation Blanket Having an Inner Metal Core Air Cell and Adjoining Outer Insulation Layers Marked Under Trade Name A-Barrier - Number 6,114,003
  • Pre-Fabricated Fireproof Bulkhead with Special Interlocking Joints for a Ship - Number 6,510,807
  • Fire Protection Blanket - Number 4,956,218