Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can NoFire be mixed into composite materials to make them fire retardant?
A. No. It's a coating, not an additive.

Q. What is the shelf life of NoFire in its container?
A. The company guarantees one (1) year from date of shipment.

Q. How long does it last once it is applied to a substrate?
A. Indefinitely under normal and not severe conditions.

Q. Does it come with glossy, semi-gloss finishes?
A. No. A glossy or semi-gloss finish can be obtained by top coating.

Q. Does it come in colors?
A. White is standard, but NoFire paint can be provided in all other colors.

Q. Does it come clear?
A. No!

Q. Can it be used outdoors?
A. Yes, but only with a protective topcoat.

Q. How thick is it applied?
A. Thickness depends on type of surface and specific requirements. Consult Application Manual and Technical Data Sheets.

Q. Is it toxic?
A. No. It is a nontoxic, water base coating.

Q. What does 'intumescent' mean?
A. When exposed to heat or fire at temperatures over 375°F it expands & swells to approx. 20-100 times its applied thickness.

Q. Do you have approval for ASTM E119 on structural steel?
A. Yes for S-Barrier wrap system, a NoFire patented system for steel columns.

Q. Does it insulate?
A. Not at room temperature; only when activated at high temperature.

Q. Is it Class A Rated?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it UL Classified?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it a coating or a paint?
A. It is both. A "coating" provides protection & a "paint" is used to decorate.

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