Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know what thickness is required?
A. Refer to the application documents. For specific applications refer to the Technical Manual or contact the Technical Department of NoFire.

Q. Can I make ordinary paint fire retardant?
A. No

Q. Can I spray this material on furniture, drapes, carpets to make them fire retardant?
A. No! NoFire is a coating only.

Q. Can it be supplied in lower or higher viscosity?
A. Yes, viscosity can be varied upon request.

Q. What types of surfaces will it protect?
A. Nearly all surfaces, such as wood, wood products, metals and composite. It is not useful for soft materials such as carpet, etc.

Q. What types of surfaces will it not provide protection?
A. Carpet, drapers, fabrics, etc.

Q. Is it harmful to children or animals if swallowed in liquid form or chips from a wall surface?
A. No! Refer to Acute Oral Toxicity Test in the Technical Manuel.

Q. How do I clean up after use? (brush, rollers, spray, hands, etc.)
A. Ordinary water and soap.

Q. What is the difference between fire retardant, fire protective and fire proof?
A. As colloquial terms they are interchangeable. As technical terms they are defined by a specific standard.

Q. Are there other fire retardant coatings on the market? What is the difference?
A. Yes. The major differences are level of performance, thickness required, toxicity and smoke, durability, ease of application and approvals for use.

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